Frank Lloyd stealth-pipe keychain

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  • Disguised as a elegant keychain
  • Hidden lock holds parts together
  • NO smelly or sticky bowls exposed when closed - completely sealed and odor-free
  • Instantly extinguish a bowl
  • Catch idling smoke too
  • Brass and Aluminum construction won't trip most metal detectors
  • No loose parts, screws, or bolts



  • Secretly holds FIVE separate bowls
  • Do as little or much as needed
  • Holds 12% more than a King sized cigarette 
  • Keep different flavors separated
  • Empty used bowls while keeping other ones fresh and ready to go
  • Naturally stable - it won't tip and spill     



  • Stylish, chic, sophisticated - unique
  • Super GIFT! For Corporations, Friends & Family, Dispensaries
  • Custom Engraving of Name or Logo
  • Easily & completely cleanable
  • Brilliant solid brass looks like gold!
  • Favorite Quotes: 
    • "This does everything except refill and clean itself"...
    • "It lasts forever - or until someone keeps it"
    • "Ingenious & unprecedented"
    • "Great to see a quality American invention take pipes to a new dimension."


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